How to View Saved WiFi Password on iPhone: Troubleshooting Guide

I have the WiFi password for my network saved on my iPhone, but I forgot it. How do I see what it is, so that I can enter it on another device?”

Most users want to view WiFi password on iPhone for the sake of sharing the password with friends who visit them. If you forgot the Wifi password and didn’t write it down, you may find it difficult to see the Wifi password on your phone.

Here we have put together some solutions to view saved Wifi password on iPhone.

Part 1. View Wifi Password on iPhone Without Installing Apps

iPhone will save Wifi passwords and connect to Wifi automatically. But for most users, it may be difficult to view the passwords previously stored on these sites. Below, we will explain how to find WiFi passwords on iPhone.

#1. Log into Router Settings

You can find the router address through the IP address. Follow the steps below to find the IP address on router.

  • Click Settings on iPhone and tap Wi-Fi.

  • Click the "i" tab next to the Wifi that your iPhone connected to.

  • On the next interface, you need to browse the IP address and write it down.

wifi ip address

  • Open Safari on iPhone and enter the IP address and click on OK.

  • The page will lead you to the login interface on router.

  • Enter the admin and password of router to find the Wifi password. (The default admin and password is「admin」).

Note: This approach will not work if you forget the account to log in to router.

#2. View Wifi Password on iPhone via iCloud Keychain

The alternative way to find Wifi password on iPhone is using iCloud Keychain. If the iCloud account you used to log into iPhone is the same as the account used on Mac, everything you've saved to iCloud will be syned across the 2 devices, including the WiFi passwords. Here are the simple steps:

Note: Mac is required to use iCloud Keychain to retrieve Wifi password.

  • Go to Settings > your name > iCloud > Keychain on iPhone to enable Keychain.

icloud keychain

  • Then go back to Settings and enable Personal Hotspots.

  • Turn on your Mac and connect Mac to iPhone's Personal Hotspot.

  • Once connected, search for "Keychain Access" and enter the Wifi name in the search box.

  • Double click the Wifi name, then click the "Show Password" button and the wifi password will appear.

mac show wifi password

  • If your Mac is protected with password, you will be required to enter the password before you can view the Wifi password.

Part 2. Tips about Wifi Password on iPhone

Q1. How do I find my personal hotspot password on my iPhone?

Personal Hotspot is a hotspot sharing feature in iOS that allows you to share your iPhone's mobile data with other devices nearby via the WiFi connection. It’s very easy to find your hotspot password, just follow these steps.

  • Click "Settings" > "Personal Hotspot" on your iPhone.

  • The password near the "WiFi Password" option is just the one for your personal hotspot. You can provide the password to anyone who wants to connect to your iPhone via WiFi.

Q2. How do you share your Wifi password on iPhone?

To share Wifi password between 2 iOS devices, you should ensure that:

  • Bluetooth must be enabled on the 2 devices.

  • The system version of the 2 devices must be iOS/iPadOS 11 or higher.

  • The Apple ID of another iPhone should be in the contact list on your iPhone.

Here are the simple steps to share Wifi password on iPhone.

  • Keep the 2 device close to each other.

  • Try to connect the iPhone to your iPhone’s Wifi network.

  • The Wifi sharing window will pop up from the bottom of your iPhone screen. Click on "Share Password".

  • Your iPhone’s WiFi password will be sent to another device.

  • Click "Done" on your iPhone.

Part 3. How to Fix iPhone Not Sharing Wifi Password Issues?

If on the other hand, you know what the Wifi password is but you always fail to share the Wifi password on iPhone, LazePaw iOS System Recovery is recommended to you. This easy-to-use repair tool helps to fix all iOS issues in one click, and it works with all iOS versions and iOS devices (including iOS 15, iPhone 13).

fix ios system


It is of great importance to ensure the network security. But it might be difficult to remember the passwords of all Wifi network. Once you forgot the Wifi password on iPhone, you can use the methods above to view saved Wifi password on iPhone.

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