[4 Solutions] How to Download Apps without Apple ID or Password

As we all know, there must be an Apple ID to download apps from the App Store. But sometimes, we are just wondering if we can download some apps without Apple ID or password. If you have the same question, please read the following post carefully and I will show you several solutions about how to download apps without Apple ID.

Part 1. Download Apps without Appld ID

1.1 Via a 3rd-party Tool

The TuTu helper app is an application for Android and iOS devices that can be used as an alternative to the Apple Store to download any possible application without jailbreaking your iPhone. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Open the Safari browser (make sure it is the latest version), search for "TuTu App iPhone and iPad" on the web page, and click on the search results.

Step 2. The screen will prompt you to select "Download link 1" or "Download link 2, you can choose either link to download.

download tutu helper

Step 3. After downloading this app, open "settings" > "General settings" > "Profiles", then find "To install TuTuApp Lite, click on it and select "Install" in the upper right corner.

tutuapp lite on iphone

Step 4. After installation, open this app, now you can dowmload any apps you want without Apple ID.

1.2 Jailbreak Your iPhone

Another way to get apps without Apple ID is to jailbreak the device. There are dozens of tools available to help you jailbreak iPhone, but frankly, jailbreaking isn't a recommended method, as jailbreaking can cause Apple to deny service to your iPhone and it doesn't guarantee the security of the software you install. Think about how annoying it would be if your iPhone is constantly pushing ads and spam just because you installed malware.

Part 2. How to Download Apps without Apple ID or Password

Using a password to download apps from Apple Store is very cumbersome and boring, however, it is easy and safe to set Face ID or Touch ID to download apps.

2.1 Via Face ID 

Step 1. Go to "Settings", find "Face ID and Passcode", click on it and you will be prompted to enter "passcode".

face id passcode

Step 2. Enter your password and enable "iTunes & App Store".

enable itunes apple store

Step 3. Open the "App Store" and click "Get", and the screen will prompt "Double click to install".

Step 4. Double-click on the face ID and the iPhone will scan your face and start downloading.

2.2 Via Touch ID

The steps to download apps via Touch ID are similar to "FACE ID".

Step 1. Go to "Settings" and find "Touch ID and Passcode". Then enable "iTunes & App Store".

touch id passcode

Step 2. Open the "App Store" and click "Get", the screen will prompt "Use touch ID", double click the face ID twice. Your face will be scanned and the download will begin after it is approved.

install app via touch id

Step 3. Press and hold the Touch ID sensor with the finger that recognizes your fingerprint, then it will start to download the app.

Bonus tip: Download App Data from iPhone to Computer

You can use LazePaw iPhone Data Recovery (iOS 15 supported), an excellent software that helps you export data from your iOS device or iTunes / iCloud backup to your computer. The software supports for photos, videos, audio, contacts, memos, whatsapp including 18 data types. And you can also choose to backup the whole device or a part of it. Thefore, if you are in need to download app data form your iPhone to computer, Lazepaw iPhone Data recovery will be a great helper for you.

download app data on iphone

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