Top 8 Solutions to Fix an Error Connecting to the Apple ID Server

The problem of ‘there was an error connecting to the apple id server’ is very common for iPhone and Mac users. The main reason may be poor network connection status, wrong keychain access and setting credentials, resulting in Apple ID authentication failure.

This article will focus on the following 8 methods to fix the "Verification Failed. There was an error connecting to the Apple ID server" issue.

Part 1. How to Fix Apple ID Verification Failed Error

We have tested a number of approaches and selected the following 4 methods that we believe are the most useful in resolving errors that occur when connecting to the Apple ID server in order to fix Apple ID authentication failure error messages.

1. Using Apple ID Removal Tool

When Apple ID authentication fails and being unable to connect to the server, it is most likely that you have been entering the wrong Apple ID password. The most effective solution is to use a professional tool to completely remove your Apple ID from your iPhone or iPad.

Especially if you are not sure about the Apple ID password, you can use the Apple ID removal tool LazePaw iPhone Passcode Unlocker to remove Apple ID from your iOS device.

LazePaw iPhone Passcode Unlocker is developed to remove Apple ID and screen passcode from disabled iPhone or iPad, so you can use it to solve the error when connecting to the Apple ID server.

Here are the detailed steps to completely remove Apple ID from iPhone:

  • Download, install and launch LazePaw on your computer. When this program opens, select "Unlock Apple ID" mode from the main screen.

  • Connect your iPhone to computer and trust the device. Click "OK" and then select "Start unlocking" to continue.

  • This program will remove Apple ID immediately. If Find My iPhone is on, go to Settings > General > Reset on your iPhone and select Reset All Settings. When the iPhone restarts, LazePaw will start removing the Apple ID.

unlock lock screen passcode

2. Reset Network Settings on iPhone

Apple ID authentication failure may also be caused by unstable network. You can resolve the issue by resetting the network settings.

To reset the network settings, just referring to the following steps.

  • Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Reset".

  • Click "Reset Network Settings", enter the screen password and confirm.

reset network iphone

3. Update iPhone to the Latest Version

Updating your iPhone to the latest iOS 15 can help you get rid of the "Authentication failed, an error occurred while connecting to the Apple ID server" pop-up that keeps appearing on the device. Below are instructions on how to update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS 15.

  • Connect your iPhone to a stable power source and connect it to Wi-Fi.

  • Click "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update".

  • Click on "Download and Install", you can choose to install it now or later.

update iphone

Part 2. How to Fix the Error Connecting to the Apple ID Server

You can check if there is a problem with your device settings when you receive the "Error connecting to Apple ID server" message.

1. Connect to Another Wifi Network

An unstable network connection increases the chance of Apple ID authentication failure/error. Therefore, if you are still experiencing errors connecting to the Apple server, you can try connecting to another Wi-Fi network.

  • From the Home screen of iPhone, go to Settings > Wi-Fi.

  • Turn on Wi-Fi and your device will automatically search for available Wi-Fi networks.

  • Tap an available Wi-Fi, enter the password and tap "Join".

join wifi iphone

2. Check the Apple Server Status

When you sign in to App Store with your Apple ID and it says "Authentication failed" to connect to the Apple ID server and an error occurs, the first thing you should do is check if the Apple server is down.

  • Open the official Apple website, click on "Support" and enter "System Status" in the search box.

  • Click on the link under the first option in the search results, the page will show the status of all Apple servers: the green light means the service is working, if the color is red, yellow or orange light, it means the service is down. You have to wait for Apple to fix the Apple ID connection error problem.

apple system status

3. Check the Date and Time Settings

When old iPhone or iPad are updated to the latest iOS version, the device date and time may go wrong and cause the verification of the Apple ID fail to update. You can solve this problem by following the steps below.

  • Go to Settings > General > Date and Time.

  • Turn on Set Automatically  and restart your iPhone.

date and time on iphone

4. Log out of Apple ID and Log in again

If you have tried the above methods and still keep getting "Authentication failed. An error occurred while connecting to the Apple ID server", you may need to log out of your Apple ID and log in again.

The specific steps are as follows.

  • Open "Settings" and click on "Your Name".

  • Click "Sign out" at the bottom of the interface.

  • Then log into with the same Apple ID after several seconds.

sign out apple id

Hope that these 8 tips can get rid of the Apple ID authentication failure when Apple ID fails to connect to the server or login to iCloud or App Store. If you think this article helpful, you can share it with your friends!

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