iPhone Wireless Charging Not Working? Here's 9 Ways to Fix It

Wireless charging can be very convenient, but sometimes for one reason or another, it doesn’t go according to plan. In this article, we take a look at some of the actions you can take when the iPhone wireless charger is not working. But sometimes the wireless charger can fail to work because you aren’t using it correctly, let’s begin with the correct way to use a wireless charger.

How to Correctly Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone 8/X/11/12

If you think that you might not be using the wireless charger correctly, try using these steps:

Step 1: Connect the wireless charger to a power source using its original power adapter or one that a manufacturer recommends.

Step 2: Place the charger on a level, flat surface. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using the charger.

Step 3: When you’re ready to begin charging the device, place the iPhone at the center of the charger.  Make sure the iPhone’s display is facing up and the device should begin charging as soon as you place it on the charger.

charge iphone wirelessly

What You Can Do When Your iPhone Wireless Charger is Not Working

If you have followed the instructions above to the latter and your iPhone is still not wireless charging, the following are some of the actions you can take:

1. Check Whether Wireless Charger is Plugged in

It may seem a little obvious, but when the wireless charger is not plugged in, your device will not charge. Check that you make sure that the charger is plugged in.

2. Take Off iPhone Case

When your iPhone’s case is too thick, the iPhone may be unable to charge wirelessly. Therefore, if you are certain that your charger is plugged in, remove the iPhone’s case to make sure that it is not interfering with the charging process.

take off iphone case

3. Is Your Wireless Charger Qi-Enabled?

You iPhone will only be able to charge wirelessly on wireless chargers that are Qi-enabled. Your device will not charge correctly on low quality charging pads. We recommend that you purchase high-quality charging pads from reputable manufacturers.

4. Force Restart iPhone while Charging

Often minor software problems can interfere with the wireless charging system, preventing iPhone from charging correctly. One of the best ways to clear these issues is to force restart iPhone. Here’s how to force restart your iPhone 8/X/11/12:

  • Press and release the Volume Up button.

  • Press and release the Volume Down button.

  • Then press and hold the Side/Power button and keep holding it until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

force restart iphone

5. Update iPhone When Necessary

When the iOS version is not updated, your iPhone may experience several issues including iPhone not wireless charging. Here’s how to check if an iOS update is available:

  • Open the Settings.

  • Tap on General > Software Update.

  • If an update is available, download and install it.

update iphone

If the device is already up to date, you will see “Your iPhone is up to date”.

6. Calibrate the iPhone Battery

If the battery on iPhone is faulty, then it may fail to charge wirelessly. This may not happen if your device is fairly new. But if you have had your iPhone for a few years, you can try to calibrate the battery to see if this is the issue. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Use the battery as much as you can to drain the battery completely.

Step 2: Using a wireless charger that is almost the same as the original and charge until it powers on.

Step 3: Turn off the iPhone while it is on the charger and allow it to charge fully.

Step 4: Once the device is fully charged, turn it on and when it finishes booting, restart the iPhone.

This should fix the battery and allow the device to charge wirelessly.

7. Software Issue? Try LazePaw iOS System Recovery

If you are certain that there is nothing wrong with the charger or the battery, then it is likely that there is a much deeper software problem with the iPhone. In this case we recommend using LazePaw iOS System Recovery. This is an iOS system recovery tool that can be used to fix not just charging issues like this one, but other software glitches like iPhone that is stuck on the Apple Logo, spinning wheel and other issues.

LazePaw supports all iPhone models including iPhone 12 and all versions of the iOS firmware including iOS 15. It is also quite easy to use, all you have to do is connect the device to the computer, open LazePaw and the fixing process is basically self-explanatory.  

repair operating system

8. Visiting Apple Store

If all the solutions above fail, then the problem might be a much deeper hardware issue. For example, when the wireless charger suffers liquid damage, it is unlikely that it will work. In this case, the best thing you can do us to make an appointment with the Apple Store to see if they can fix the charging pad for you.

9. Get a New Charger

If you determine that the charger you are using is damaged beyond repair, your only recourse is to get a new charger. The following are the top chargers that you can use:

Scosche MagicMount Charge

The MagicMount is the charger to choose if you would like to continue using the screen while the device charges. This is because it comes with a cup base that comes with an adjustable head that can turn ion any direction as needed. The iPhone will also stick to the magnetic plate while charging, eliminating the risk that the device could fall off during charging.

scosche magicmount charge

Mophie Wireless Charging Base

The best thing about the Mophie wireless charging is that it is covered with a non-slip coating to keep your iPhone from sliding off during charging. It is also a small enough charger that it is portable and doesn’t take up too much space.

mophie wireless charging base

Samsung Fast Charging Wireless Charging Convertible

Even though it is a charger that is designed for Samsung devices, it is also a great charger for iOS devices. It will however charge your iPhone at a much slower 5W for a full charge. You can also choose to place a charger in standing position to charge the device upright.

samsung wireless charging

Now you have several options when your iPhone wireless charger not working. We hope you can find a solution that works for you. If you find that your iPhone will not charge, then you may need to purchase the device.

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