5 Solutions for FB Messenger Sent but Not Delivered in 2021

When you send a message on Facebook Messenger, and it is marked “Not Delivered”. there is no need to despair. This can either mean that the person you send the message to didn’t read it or they simply didn’t receive the message and both are problems that can be easily fixed.

In the world of FB messenger, there is a small difference between “Sent” and “Delivered” messages and the tag that your message will carry depends on the action of the receiver. If they accept and read the message, then it will be marked as “Delivered”. If they don’t get it or don’t read it, then it will be marked as “Sent”.

Let’s take a look at what you can do when your FB message is “Sent” but not “Delivered”.

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1. Why Are My Facebook Messenger Messages Not Delivered?

There are several reasons why your Facebook Messenger messages may not be delivered. They include the following:

  • If the receiver never opened the message, then they didn’t read it and it will remain marked as “Sent” until they open the Messenger app and read the message.

  • It is also quite possible that the receiver did see your message in their notifications but they chose to ignore it.

  • They can also choose to read the message in the notification panel rather than open the app. But since Facebook will only mark the message as “Delivered” if they read it in the app, it will remain “Sent”.

  • Your message will remain marked as “Sent” because your internet connection is not strong enough to send the message. Check your connection and then try sending the message again.

  • If you are not friends with the person you are trying to send the message to, they will not read the message automatically. You should make sure that the person you’re sending the message to is your friend on Facebook or they will not see the message.

2. How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You in FB Messenger

Your FB messenger messages may be sent but not delivered if the receiver has blocked you on Facebook. There is no direct way to know if someone has blocked you on Facebook. But if you are getting the error message of “Message not Sent” or “This person isn’t receiving messages at this time”, then it is very likely that you have been blocked.

There are actually 3 reasons why you may see these errors. These include:

  • The recipient has blocked you on Messenger only and not on Facebook.

  • The recipient’s account is no longer active.

  • You may be blocked by Facebook.

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You will not be able to know for sure why your message is undelivered. But you can ask your friend to send a message to that person. If your friend’s message is delivered, you will know for sure that the recipient has blocked you.

3. Solutions for “FB Messenger Sent but Not Delivered” Issue

The following are some of the solutions to try when your FB messages remains undelivered:

3.1 Check the Network Connection

An internet connection that is not strong enough can cause this issue. Therefore, the first thing you should check is the network connection you are using. If you are using cellular data, consider choosing a Wi-Fi network instead. You can also try turning Wi-Fi off and on.

check network connection

3.2 Update FB Messenger

When the Facebook Messenger app is not updated, bugs in the system can interfere with the process of sending and receiving messages. The only way to remove these bugs is to update the FB messenger app. You can to go to App Store > Updates > Update to see if there is an  update for Facebook app.

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3.3 Restart Your iPhone

If the Facebook Messenger is up to date and there is nothing wrong with the app, then the iPhone itself could be causing the error. Restarting the iPhone may fix any errors with the it. Just press the Power button, drag the “Power Off” slider until the iPhone shuts down. A few seconds later, press the Power button to turn it on again.

restart iphone

3.4 Reinstall the FB Messenger App

If a restart doesn’t work, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Facebook Messenger app. To do it, just tap and hold on the app’s icon until an “X” appears on the upper left corner. Tap on the “X” and then tap “Delete” to confirm. Then go to the App Store to reinstall the app.

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3.5 Fix it with a Professional Repair Tool

Since this problem can be caused by glitches in the iOS system, if all the common solutions above don’t work to fix it, you should try using a professional iOS repair tool. We recommend using LazePaw iOS System Recovery (iOS 15 supported), a third-party iOS system recovery tool that can fix many common errors on iPhone without causing data loss.

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This is the best solution to use when restarting, force restating or even resetting the iPhone doesn’t work to solve the problem. It is also quite easy to use; you just need to connect the iPhone to the computer and the repair process is almost self-explanatory.  

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